Exhibition Design Motion Advertising

68th Annual Youth Art Focus

During my internship, I also worked with the Pensacola Museum of Art. The PMA holds an annual art show to introduce the K-12 art students in Escambia county to the Pensacola art community. The title wall was a physical installation, but the museum wanted to have a projected motion graphic on the museum exterior to help attract visitors.

Hammerhead Character Walk Animation

During an animation course I took, I was assigned a character walk and morphing animation for one of the course projects. It was very interesting to learn about the framework that helps a walk cycle look smooth and like actual walking. I also studied frame-by-frame shape morph and how to draw them by hand as well as using automated morphs from Adobe Animate.

Giving and Taking Tree

This tree animation is another project from my animation course in college. The only intructions were to show a timelapse of a tree growing in a unique way. I thought of how a tree grows normally and I really wanted to take the concept of trees growing vertically in a new direction . . . like down and out.

BFA Exit Show Title Wall - Fall 2021

The Fall BFA Exit Show at the University of West Florida was the second exhbition identity that I designed during my internship with the campus art gallery. The title wall was a motion graphic of the exhibition name 'Synthesis' and I created it using Adobe After Effects.

The MIRA Home Accessories Brand

Mira is a conceptual brand that I created based on the idea of a homegoods supplier who catered toward the gothic fairytale style of interior design. I designed the brand identity, a retail website, and I used 3D software to render possible products to sell on their site. I also used Adobe After Effects to create a motion graphic for the website.


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